This is my "archival" version of my Tapetology site from many, many moons ago.
I've since put up a one-page version, with FAQ, which is probably easier to read in a modern browser.


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The word "Tapetology" is derived from the combination of a Latin word for carpet and a Greek word for study. Perhaps it will lend some panache to those wacky eccentrics we currently know as "Rug Nuts". 
I became interested in oriental rugs many years ago when I replaced the wall-to-wall carpeting in my house. I received quite a miseducation through well-meaning but uninformed interior designers and rug showroom sales staff.
    Frustrated by the lack of information for consumers who wanted a good overview to help them make an informed purchasing decision, I decided to write my own. It's my hope that others will benefit from my experiences as a consumer, and later as a collector and then a dealer. I welcome your comments and suggestions.         
Tracy Davis

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