Selected Internet Links

Information and Discussion

  • Hali, the journal of carpet, textile and Islamic art
  • Jozan,Ivan Sønderholm Christensen's excellent Danish site dedicated to oriental rugs. Extensive photo gallery.
  • TurkoTek.Com. TurkoTek has a moderated discussion group devoted to oriental rugs and textiles. Good educational site.
  • The Textile Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • The old site "RugNotes" has a new life at


Online Sources for Acquisitions:

  • Marla Mallett's Textiles is an excellent resource for in-depth info on flatweaves, and the extremely knowledgeable Ms. Mallett also has beautiful items for sale.
  • Hort Oriental Rugs. R. Franklin Hort (described by  Hali as "the irrepressible Ron Hort") is a character. And, he has a great assortment of collectible pieces at reasonable prices. Check him out!
  • My own retail store, Alimadia Oriental Rug Gallery. A great online source for both antique and contemporary carpets, as well as rug pads and decorative displays. (Undergoing reinvention.)
  • More links coming soon.

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